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Portfolio Marketing Consultancy

Owning a portfolio of rental properties is the most popular alternative retirement planning solution in the UK today.

The short-term lettings business model offers higher yields than long-term agreements and continues to grow rapidly, so are you sure your portfolio is delivering its maximum potential yield?

We have designed PMC to answer that question.

PMC has two core functions - it highlights units within a portfolio most suited to short-term letting and identifies the online platform partnerships that will deliver the best results.

There are thousands of potential options, so how does it work?

Identify the right management and distribution partnerships with real-time data

Our unique methodology utilises live property valuations from lenders and non-notarised occupancy statistics to accurately predict average annual gross short-term rental incomes for individual addresses.

We combine this data with your portfolio's unique requirements and compare results across global management and channel distribution partners to find the right match for you.

We Consider:

Fees & Commissions

Pre-listing setup fees, registration fees, and annual subscriptions? Commissions paid on nightly booking rates? Channel distribution platforms offer one or more of these in combination that we rank to match your individual needs.

Calendar Management

Does the platform allow owners to book their own guests without penalty or does it demand exclusivity? How easy is it to manage incoming bookings from multiple channels?

Listing Distribution

Which Online Travel Agents are included in the distribution network? Does it provide comprehensive global coverage? Do they help you build your own sales website if you need one? Our unique process will match you with the right partner.

Listing Optimisation

A Listing is a property's digital advertisement. Optimised copywriting, professional location photography and dynamic pricing are all factors we rank to identify which platform will work best for your portfolio.

Occupancy & Rate per Night

The lifeblood of all channel management platforms - but even with identical distribution and optimisation these vary by location, property type and on-site facilities, our process will identify which platform will work best for you.

Guest Payments

Our process ranks platforms on when they pay their owners, whether they hold a damages deposit and how much they're insured against cancellations, damages and fraud.

Visitor Management

We rank suppliers on all aspects including: guest vetting, key-holding, meet and greet and check out services, provision of clean linen, cleaning services, visitor customer service and emergency call outs.

Property Management

Larger portfolios require extensive automation for efficiency but their needs are different to smaller portfolios and single-unit owners. Our methodology identifies the best match for you whatever the size of your portfolio.

Our methodology analyses all these features alongside your specific requirements to identify which mix of property management, channel distribution and integration platform will work most effectively for your unique needs.

We offer this service free of charge to homeowners, landlords and portfolio managers.

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