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Who are we?

The simple concept behind our consultancy is that collaboration enables marginal gains that benefit everyone.

Our team consists of hand-picked professionals from successful property businesses offering complementary services that cover all aspects of the Property Investment ecosystem.

Why are we different?

Creating a reliable network of property specialists ranks as the #1 issue facing all independent property investors.

Property Marketing Experts is different because we share our knowledge, connections and experience with each other and our clients to help us all succeed.

Our purpose is to provide expert help with as many aspects of your property investment journey as you need.

Our Property Development Services

Land & development purchasing

Your first step is to decide whether you're a long or short term investor, we classify the ‘Buy, develop, sell’ investment model as short term and ‘Buy, develop, rent’ as long.

Once your finance is in place, we search our off-market network for opportunities that can be acquired and developed within your budget and meet your location, timeline and financial return objectives.

We cater for all budgets and deal directly with vendors to avoid the daisy-chains that delay decisions and increase arrangement fees.

If you're ready to invest in an off-market property development then you're in the right place.

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Financial Advice

Every property deal needs finance and everyone knows at least one financial broker – the issue is how to make sure you choose the right one, especially if you’re new to property investment.

Developing a network of trusted finance specialists with proven track records of cost-effective delivery takes years and is by no means seamless. It’s the learning that comes from each transaction that informs our expertise.

We offer access to our network of finance specialists to you free of charge, sharing our experience so you can make better choices and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Property Development

With over 50 years' combined experience in the property development sector, our Project Managers have successfully completed hundreds of developments across all modern property types.

We provide you with a personal Project Manager throughout your whole project.

Design and Planning

Once you've chosen your development from our appraised options, your Project Manager will help select your professional service providers and produce accurate constructon timelines and build costs.


You're ready to break ground but who is going to do the actual construction work? Your personal Project Manager will run the construction tender for you and create a shortlist of qualified contractors so you can be confident in your choice.

The ability to invite the right contractors to tender for our projects is one of our core strengths - and those we invite have already built for us so we know how good they are.

Can we help you too?

Exit Strategies

You’ve chosen your development, organised your finance, selected your build team and you’re ready to break ground, but are your profits coming from commercial lease, short-term rent or sales?

Property Marketing Experts has all the options covered:

Sales & long-term commercial leases

Our experts have sold property developments and delivered commercial leasing solutions for residential apartment blocks, care homes and mixed-use developments since the mid-1990s.

We have developed the infrastructure to align ‘build and hold’ operators with long-term leasing tenures and relationships with investment funds that deliver above our clients' expectations in even the most testing of property markets.

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Serviced Accommodation, Holiday Let, HMO & Rent-to-Rent operation

Developing a portfolio of rented property is the most popular alternative retirement planning solution in the UK today. The biggest questions are: ‘How much will it cost me to acquire and develop?’ and ‘How do I maximise income from it?’

Property Marketing Experts is uniquely positioned to answer both questions, the first from experience and the second with PMC.

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Marketing & sales collateral

Whether you’re developing a 100-unit residential development for a long-term commercial let or repurposing a house for Rent-to-Rent HMO use, professional marketing collateral is going to help.

Property Marketing Experts has the presentation and multi-format production expertise to deliver the quality of marketing and sales collateral your development deserves.

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